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how much do you pay someone to clean your gutters

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He hastened to the hurricane deck of the Leopard, where he could see more clearly; and it was evident to him that the question before them would be settled within a very few minutes. If he and his companions fell into the hands of the enemy, nothing less than a severe fight with the Dauphine, perhaps aided by the Belle, on the part of the Bellevite could undo the mischief.

Percy evidently was not satisfied with the situation; and after he had given the information which had so disturbed the owner of the steamer, he desired to change the subject of the conversation, to which Captain Passford only assented after he realized that nothing could be ascertained from him in regard to his daughter.

Horatio was unable to understand how his brother could reason himself into the belief that secession was right, when the duty of saving the union was to him paramount; and certainly Homer was equally puzzled over the political faith of Horatio. Until the darkness of evening began to gather, they argued the tremendous question; and they discussed it ably, for both of them were thinking and reasoning men.

"I did not say that I should betray you, Horatio. It is simply a question with me whether my duty to my country will allow me to let your steamer leave these waters. I have not settled the question in my own mind."

"I don't know what they will do with you; but I reckon they won't shoot you, as they might a 186 fellow whose father was not a man of some consequence," replied the sergeant, as he ordered one of his men to open the gate.

"You will have to put that conundrum to your brother; but doubtless the needs of the Confederate States require that it should stop."

"But you are going to take me away from her."

"I cannot understand it," added the lady.


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